THANKS-A-LOT Farm has had busy seasons with events, International Games, and shows. Here are some of our moments to share with you.


Alyssa Schmitt on Mischief, 14.1 hand POA, riding training level at Fox River Valley Horse Trials.

Katrina Schmitt riding Little Drummer Boy, preliminary level, above at Fox River Valley Horse Trials, below at Kentucky Classic in Lexington, KY.


Katrina Schmitt riding Spiritualistic Babe at Wayne International Horse Trials, Illinois (Intermediate), and at Mayfest, Lexington, KY (Preliminary)

Babe & Kat    

Alyssa Schmitt riding Special Agent (Tiff) at his first Training Level Event this summer:

Alyssa & Tiff

Nikolaus Schmitt riding Don Giovanni at the Training level this year:

Chant & Nikolaus

Katrina Schmitt riding The Little Drummer Boy in his debut at Training level:

The Little Drummer Boy & Katrina

Katrina Schmitt riding Spiritualistic Babe at the Intermediate level & CCI** in 2001:

Spiritualistic Babe & Katrina   

Alyssa Schmitt riding Nachtmusik at the Preliminary level in 2001:

Nachtmusik & Alyssa

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