1. Which item is not an appropriate riding apparel?

ASTM/SEI-approved helmet.

Riding shoes or boots with hard, smooth sole and defined heel.

Long pants.

Loose scarfs, pins, jewelry.


2. Which of the following is not true?

Ride a pony or horse that is difficult for you to handle and control.

Have a responsible person check your tack before you mount.

Keep a distance of one horse length between you and another horse.

Ride only with supervision untill instructor allows you to ride alone.


3. Which way is a correct way to check your stirrup length?

Make a guess for each side.

Place your fist against the stirrup bar and strtch the leather against your arm. Adjust the stirrup length so the iron just reaches to your armpit.

Measure the inside of your leg with a ruler or tape measure and then make the stirrups that length.

Lay your leg up against the saddle so that your heel touches the stirrup bar and the leather streches along your leg. Then adjust the stirrup so that the iron hits just at the back of the knee.



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